Computing and System Development Assignment

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Introduction: Computing and System Development Assignment

This Computing and System Development Assignment has been made in order to understand the basic concepts of web applications and to understand the features, pros and cons of web application development. It also let you acquainted with the client server architecture and the various models of web applications. An individual gets a thorough knowledge about the client requirements and will able to implement the website on the basis of his understanding and knowledge. It helps in understanding and designing diagrams like storyboard, wireframes and so on.

Task 1 This task is emphasis on the website designing and database implementation according to the case study

1.1 Wireframes, sitemaps and storyboards

Designing of the web application according to the specified requirements as explained in the scenario. One can use all the techniques relevant for the proposed application. Wireframes, sitemaps and storyboards will be made in order to justify the designing of web application.

Story Board

Storyboard is used to portray a pictorial representation of the overall web application. It depicts each module involved in a subsystem and gives a clear understanding.

Computing and System Development Assignment Programming Assignments Help

Figure: Storyboard for the web application

1.2 Differentiate between client server architecture that supports your web application.

The Three tier client server architecture was suitable for this application. Presentation tier, application tier and database tier are different and they save the users from getting into the complexity of the database and code.

Presentation is also called as user tier. End users work on this layer and they are unaware about the functionality of the database beyond this layer. Sometimes multiple views of the database can be provided which reside in the application layer of the architecture.

Client server architecture

Application Layer – Application server and programs that access the database resides at this tier. This layer sits in middle and acts as connector between end user and database. Database tier is unaware about the users and vice versa.

Database Tier – In this tier database resides with query processing languages with all the constraints.

This tier is highly modifiable and all its components are independent of each other and can be changed without touching each other. (Tutorials point, 2015)

Web browser sends request to web server and receives response to this request. Client / user agent, proxy, firewall, web server, database server, media server, content management server, application server, legacy application is all components of this process. Message flows from these layers and is processed to give relevant result.

1.3 To make database design of this web application.

The database has been designed in MySQL and front end was made in PHP for the application. Four tables have been maintained such as teacher, student, courses, Administrator. Each user has their own credentials and can view details and add courses or any further information. Admin has the right to update, remove, edit and add information to the database. Teacher and student can view the progress report and other student details.

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1.4 Alternative solutions that can be applied to this web application to fulfill the requirements

This application is developed in PHP and MYSQL. Currently there are only few tables in the database that fulfill the basic functionality of the application. More number of tables can be added in future to enhance the functionality and scope of the application. Right now admin is able to add, modify, delete and update the courses, teachers and students. Students can only view the teachers and courses. Teachers can add, update, delete courses and view the students. Interface of the application can be modified further to incorporate more functionality.

We can further categorize the students according their marks. Teachers can maintain various categories for students in which if his marks are less than 50 than he will be listed in fail, if marks are between 50 and 60 then he will be listed in pass, if his marks are between 60 and 70 then he will be listed in merit, if his marks are greater than 70 then he will be listed in distinction.

  • Also only one teacher is assigned to teach one subject. This can be enhanced further to enable more teachers to be able to teach that particular subject.
  • Student must get registered with the system and able to login into the system and check his course progress.
  • Further we can provide contact details of all faculty members and students.
  • An advanced search system can be provided which will enable users to check list of students and faculty members efficiently.
  • Proper client side validations are applied into the forms so that user is able to enter correct values only.

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Task 2 Implementation of web application

2.1 Implement the database for web application using PHP and SQL queries.

Computing and System Development Assignment Programming Assignments Help

Figure: Lingo Database

Computing and System Development Assignment Programming Assignments Help

Figure: Admin Database

Computing and System Development Assignment

Figure: Course Database

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2.2 Identification of error handling and reporting mechanism

The error handling and reporting in PHP will be handled by several features and methods and it is a must thing to be taken care of. It is a process of handling errors raised in the program so that the program will not terminate abruptly. Comparatively it is very easy to handle errors in PHP and other server side scripting.

These are few of the error specifiers in PHP which helps in handling runtime errors.

Computing and System Development Assignment

Figure: Errors in PHP

Computing and System Development Assignment Programming Assignments Help

Figure: Constant in PHP

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Task 3

3.1 Front and back end testing and examination of the web application

There are various testing methods and techniques for website application. Testing helps in verification, validation and also contributes in security issues as well. Some of the testing methodologies are:

Functionality Testing – In functional testing each module, user inputs, integrity and conditions are tested.

Usability Testing – In this testing user other than developer test the website according to his perspective.

Interface Testing – In this the interface has been tested to validate the work flow.

Security Testing – In security testing security of the website is being tested.

Performance testing – In this the system is checked under pressure and mass volume of data.

Database Testing

Database Testing involves the retrieval of data from the database and the user input is matched against the data stored in database.

3.2 Evaluation of differences between actual results and expected results to find overall results

Expected results

  • Admin must able to register, update, and remove the student records and courses.
  • Student must be able to register and able to login to the system.
  • Student will be able to check his progress.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript must be used for client side coding like account creation, from validations etc.
  • PHP must be used for server side coding and error messages must be displayed wherever needed.
  • MySQL must be used for the database management system implementation.
  • Admin and teachers must be able to search students available.

Actual results

  • Admin is able to register, update, and remove the student records and courses.
  • Student is able to register and able to login to the system.
  • Students are able to check his progress.
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript is used for client side coding like account creation, from validations etc.
  • PHP is used for server side coding and error messages are displayed wherever needed.
  • MySQL is used for the database implementation.
  • Admin and teachers is able to search number of students available.

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3.3 Critically review the web application and provide suggestions, feedback and recommendations

  • We can add more functionality like student can check his attendance online.
  • Numerous courses offered in the academy.
  • Fee payment structure can be implemented online.
  • Student may enroll himself by enquiring online and a notification will be sent to the applied students.
  • More authentications can be applied to the student and teachers.
  • Teachers will provides grades to the students according to their performance and give remarks for the betterment.
  • More tables can be added in future if functionalities will increase according to the system requirements.

3.4 Prepare user documentation for the development of proposed web application

According to the case study this web application has been made with all the requirements stated. Four users were created that is student, teacher, course and Admin. The registration and login page has been made where teacher and students can view progress reports and student details. The site is implemented using Java script, CSS and HTML for client side scripting and PHP is used on front end for designing and coding. Account creation has been done using HTML forms to take input from the user which is being saved in the MySQL database. Form validations are done using JavaScript and HTML5 while server side scripting has been done in PHP. For the back end coding MySQL server is used in which database has been made. The web application is running from the local web server.

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This web application has been made to understand the concepts of web designing, website making, programming languages like PHP, JavaScript etc. and to get the basic idea of CSS, HTML and scripting languages. The developer will be able to enhance his programming and designing skills. This website is maintaining the students record as per stated in the document. The website is looking very simple and pleasant to the users.


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