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A Database is collection of data in well-organized form. It is structured repository of indexed information as a group of linked data files. Database is in order to easily use, retrieve, manipulate, update and analysis the data whenever required. Data could be in the form of reports, script, graphics, text, table etc. The term to manage the data in an organized way is called Database Management system.

According to logical designing of information or coherent structure of Database, it’s classified in different types of model that is called Database Model. Some useful and most studied database model is explained below.

  • Flat Database model.
  • Hierarchical Database model.
  • Network Database model.
  • Relational Database model.

Flat Database model: The flat database model consists data elements in a single and two dimensional array. In flat model all the members assumed to be similar values in given column and all the members of row are assumed related to one another.

flat file model in database assignment help

Hierarchical Database model: The Hierarchical database model are also called one-to-many relationship model. It represents the data as a hierarchical tree structure in which each and every hierarchy represents a number of related records. This type of data model mainly use in Information management system (IMS). This model shows the one-to-many relationship between two different types of data.

Hierarchy data model in database assignment help

Network Database Model: The Network database model is also called many-to-many relationship model. In this model many records and sets are connected to one parent file. The Network database model organize the data by using two fundamental concepts, called records and sets. Record contains fields and Sets define one-to-many relationship between records.

network model in database assignment help

Relational Database Model: Relational database model also called one-to-one relationship model. It is a widely used model, it defines the database as a collection of table which stored or contains all the data.

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