Object Oriented Programming Assignment

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This Object Oriented Programming Assignment is based on the implementation of a java application based on banking system. All the features of object oriented languages along with designing principles are discussed in this document. It will help an individual to enhance his programming skills.

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Task 1 To be able to implement Object Oriented Programming Assignment Solutions

In this task the code implementation and console output screenshots are attached along with description.

Explanation of code and other modules

In this programming solution three classes have been made:

  • Transaction
  • Account
  • Banking

Transaction Class

In transaction class four variables has been declared that is time stamp, amount, recipient, sender and type. In a class constructor, initialization has been done after that. The initial deposition of amount into account also taken place in this class. In this class a method has been declared with the name printTransaction which will print the amount, sender and receiver details. All the transactions recorded will be displayed with the details like amount balance, recipient, sender, account type and date or time of transaction.

Account Class

An enumerated type “AccountType” structure is created which contains following   constants:

  • ISA

 In account class for each account holder account number is generated and stored. The account number has been generated using Random class and nextInt method of java. The sendMoney method is used to transfer amount to the intended recipients. The checking for ISA type account is also done in this method. After that the relational and binary operators are used to check whether the account is current or saving.

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 If it is saving or current account then withdrawal condition is applied on both of them. Also withdrawal cannot be done for ISA type account. Also for every account all transactions must be saved intimating the date/time, amount and type of transaction.

Banking Class

 In banking class the creation of account if not any and checking for correct type of account is determined and maintained. An arrayList is created to hold numerous account numbers and getAccountmethod will display the size of accounts. If the person wants to open an account then it can be done by allotting them an account number generated but if the account holder is an existing one and input account holder and ID matches to the saved one the operations can be performed on that account like money withdrawal, money deposition, inquiry of balance, transferring money to someone else’s account and printing number of transactions done on that account.

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Implementation of an Object Oriented Programming Assignment solution on the basis of design made.

Code Screenshots

 object oriented programming assignment Programming Assignment Help

Figure 1 Transaction class

object oriented programming assignment Programming Assignment Help

Figure 2 Account Class

Run Method object oriented programming assignment Programming Assignment Help

Figure 3 run method

In run method the input has been taken from the user like new account has been created, initial deposits has done and so on.

 Programming Assignment Help Exception Handling through try catching

Figure 4 Exception handling through try-catch

This code will handle the error and report them if occurs. For example if the amount of initial deposit is not mentioned in the correct format it will generate error which must be handled by the program to avoid abrupt termination. In java the exception will be raised through Exception keyword and here ‘e’ is its object. The print Stack Trace method of Exception class prints the stack trace of throwable object (in our case its ‘e’) in standard output stream.[Learn about Ecommerce Website Designing]

 object oriented programming assignment

Figure 5 Switch case

Switch case is a control structure used here for performing various operations related to java banking application. The account Loop method has two arguments with it that is account’s and Scanner class’s objects. In case 1 balance inquiry will be done, case 2 shows the deposited amount, case3 allows the user to withdraw, case4 allow transferring money and case5 will print the transaction details.

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Console Output Screenshots

These screenshots are attached to display the flow of program solution from start to end.

 object oriented programming assignment

Figure 6 Create account

 object oriented programming assignment

Figure 7 Menu1

object oriented programming assignment

Figure 8 Menu2

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Test the solution using suitable testing methodologies. The testing should be based on integration, consistency and accessibility.

The testing in java either follows the unit testing or integration testing or both. In unit testing the system is tested as a whole by integrating the components together while integration testing tests the independent module or program. Integration testing helps in achieving consistency and greater accessibility. Furthermore for testing methodologies you can go to the answer of task 2. See more about Java Assignment Help

Task 2   To be able to test and document object oriented programming solutions

Critical review and testing of an object orientated programming solution.

 On reviewing and testing the solution I have got to know that system has been made keeping all the programming aspects in mind. The object oriented features has been implemented and all the rules stated is applied for the same. The IDE tools are utilized perfectly as per demand and needs. The user has provided with the functionality to allow customer to deposit, withdraw, and invest their money in the bank accounts. Various testing methodologies have been used to implement this solution such as user testing, program testing, white box testing, and black box testing and so on.

White box testing is based on the internal structure of the program. The tester is well understood with the internal components and designing and will test it accordingly by following test coverage, path coverage methods and so on.

In blackbox testing the software or program is tested on the basis of mentioned specifications given by user or end user. On the basis of each functionality the modules are tested hence it is also known as specification based testing.

Analysis of actual test results against expected results to state differences.

The actual and expected work done is almost the same with minor differences.

Expected results

  • The interface will allow the customers to first get registered to bank.
  • Only affiliated customers will be able to withdraw and deposits money.
  • User must be able to open account in bank.
  • Customer should be able to transfer money into other’s account.
  • Must display all accounts operated by a single customer.
  • Customer can be able to view balance from a particular account.
  • Current and business accounts can have overdrafts.
  • Saving, child and ISA accounts must not have such overdrafts.
  • Withdrawals must not be done on ISA account.
  • All transactions must be recorded displaying type, date and time of transactions.
  • Declination facility must be there when the withdrawal amount exceeds the available balance.

Actual results

  • The interface is allowing the customers to first get registered to bank.
  • Only affiliated customers are withdrawing and deposits money.
  • User is able to open account in bank.
  • Customer has the facility to transfer the money into other’s account.
  • All accounts operated by a single customer are displayed.
  • Customer is able to view balance from a particular account.
  • Current and business accounts are having overdrafts.
  • Saving, child and ISA accounts do not have such overdrafts.
  • Withdrawals are not happening on ISA account.
  • All transactions are recorded, displaying type, date and time of transactions.
  • Declination facility is there when the withdrawal amount exceeds the available balance.
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 Evaluation of feedback from users on the developed solution and also provide recommendation for the same.

Once done with the program we have taken feedback from the users and find that the interface is pretty much interactive but can provide more features on the main screen. Overdrafts facility can be revised. More programming and object oriented concepts can be incorporated in the further implementation of the proposed solution.

What has implemented is just a contrived functionality of any banking system. As per the requirements few more banking facilities can be incorporated in the system. Separate listing is there for each customer which can display number of accounts hold by him. Read more about Computer Network Assignment

To create an on screen help for the better understanding of solution to the users.

An on screen help must be available for the proposed system to help the non-IT user to use and work on such system. He will be able to handle the functionalities provided by this system. The graphical user interface must be made such that it appeals the user and should be highly interactive. User can able to easily navigate step by step just by reading few points in the help tool. As the name suggests help tool should be helpful to the users.

To create a specified document to understand the technical and maintenance aspect of the programming solution.

In this document you will get the better understanding of all the aspects of this programming solution. The technicalities involved in this program are Netbeans editor tool, java runtime environment, JDK and swings have been used for Graphical User Interface implementation. The maintenance for this application is that it provides customer on support with post implementation and continue its services. This will help in gaining trust from the customers and reliability of our object oriented application.


The task helped me to improve my programming skills. I have got acquainted with the banking scenario and its functioning. I have got the better understanding of Netbeans and java. I have achieved the clarity in implementing programming solution through designing models such as UML class diagram and so on.


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