PHP Assignment help

PHP is stands for PHP Hypertext preprocessor it is server side scripting language which is used to design web development. PHP is also HTML-embedded Web scripting language. It scripts are runs on the web server and it is free to implement, use and download.

PHP is developed by  in year 1994. PHP code can be implemented into HTML code or it can be used with various systems such as web content management system, web template systems and web frameworks. PHP is very useful and popular blogging system in web, it runs on the largest social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter

 In early PHP was developed in 1994 and scientist  Rasmus Lerdorf wrote many Common Gateway Interface (CGI), C programming, in which he maintain his personals details as implemented in personal homepages. He used these pages to work with web forms and also communicate with databases, and called this implementation “Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter” or PHP/FI.

What is a PHP File?

  • PHP files having text, JavaScript, HTML, CSS as well as PHP code for web development
  • When we execute PHP code on the server, then the browser returned to plain HTML It means the HTTP protocol is used to send and receive web pages
  • For extension in PHP files we use “.php”.
  • PHP create dynamic web pages it can update any files on the server, it create, write, read, open, delete, and close files on the server.
  • PHP able to add, delete, update data from database
  • It is used as control user-access and able to encrypt data and from PHP we get output such as images, PDF files, and Flash movies also.