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Introduction: Java Assignment

This application is going to be made to understand the basic concepts of java programming and to develop a student information management system. The application is used to store details of each and every student, tutor and admin staff in the school. The Java Assignment course available in the school is also stored and fee payment mechanism is there within the system.The user interface has been developed in a user friendly manner. The programming environment involves Netbeans and latest JDK.

1.1 Designing of the Student management system programming solution with the help of use case diagrams which shows the interaction of entities with the system.

Java Assignment Programming Assignments Help

Case Diagram of Student and Parents Interacting with System

Java Assignment Programming Assignments Help

Case Diagram of Admin Interaction

1.2 Identification of structure of file and the components to implement the system.

The components implemented in this system are admin panel, tutor module, student’s module, parent’s module, and attendance and performance record. The classroom module has also been made for each student. Java swing is used to implement graphical user interface and its several components has been used.

1.3 With the help of UML class diagram depict the interaction of classes, attributes, objects with the SIMS system.

Java Assignment UML Class Diagram Programming Assignments Help

Figure 3 UML class Diagram

2.1 Implementation of inheritance concept in SIMS.

Programming Assignments Help Java Assignment Inheritance usage

Figure: Inheritance usage

As you can see in this screenshot inheritance has been implemented in the principal class. The principal class extends the authorized class that is all the properties of authorized class is inherited by principal class.

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2.3 Usage of methods attributes and objects in different classes.

As you can see in each and every class classes and objects has been used wherever necessary. All the screenshots are showing this functionality be it teacher class, discipline class, principal class or student class.

2.4 Identification and implementation of error handling and error reporting.

Java Assignment

It can be seen from the above diagram that number format exception is efficiently handled in the program.

2.5 Effective usage of net beans for the SIMS implementation.

Java Assignment

Figure: effective usage of Netbeans

Programming Assignments Help Java Assignment Netbeans usage

Figure: Netbeans usage

3.1 Critical testing of the proposed solution.

     The desktop application which is created provides a solution for the given problem Student Information Management System. This is a desktop application which provides the information about the student, staff and management of the school. Read more about PHP Assignment Help

The review of the solution:

  • The student, tutor and the management or the admin have the unique id and password to login. After login they can view their details.
  • The student after login can view his/her profile. He/she can also view their progress reports. They can view their marks, their teachers and also can view their time table and can overview their feedback.
  • The parents can also login and view the presence of the students and can also view student’s report cards and can view the students’ progress. They can also view the time table of the student and can also view the student’s exam schedule. Parents can also view the final reports, student’s weekly reports and annual reports.
  • The management can view all the details of the website. They have the right to remove or add the student and also have the right to add or remove the teacher as well as also have the results who has logged in and view the views.
  • The teacher are can view the students and can view the notice of the management. They can also view the updates which are provided by the management.
  • The teacher is related with the specific subject. So they have only the right to view the specific student. The teacher can only view the details of the related subject and students.
  • The user of the application is if the student then he/she can request for the enrollment. If he/she has enrolled then the management will provide the notification for their enrollment. After this the students will pay the fees and will get their unique id and password. By using this unique id and password the student can view his/her all details.
  • The teacher of the related subject will also get the notification of the related student. Now the teacher can assign the assignments and can check the details of the student.
  • The management can remove the student of can add another student.
  • If there is any vacant seat then the student who is in queue will get enrolled. And will receive notification of the enrollment.
  • This application also manages the attendance and all the updates of the student.
  • These updates can be viewed by the parents who need the progress of their child.
  • This application provides an easy way to manage all the students as well as spreading the details of the student to their parents and the teacher so they can review the details of the students and can manage them.
  • The parents can get to know that their child is weak or excellent in studies. They can also view the reports of their child.
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 3.2 Analyzing the differences between actual and expected results.

The actual test results of the desktop application meets with all the requirements or the expected results. Such as:

The actual requirement behind the creation of the application was to manage the student records as well as to manage the records of the teacher. This application provides the best feature to manage the students and the teacher so the management can have easy way to manage them and also have the easy way to notify them all the updates and the schedule of the school.

This application also provides an easy way to notify the students, parents and the teachers with all the updates and also provide an easy way so the parents can have all the updates of the student and also have their reports and all the data of the student such as their results, examination schedule, time table, their progress reports, teachers which are assigned for the specific result.

  • This application also provides an easy way for the teachers to manage the students of the specific subject. And thus the teacher can give assignment to the students directly by using the application and can also provide them updates through the application. The teacher can manage the students on the application can view their reports. The teacher can also notify he parents in case of any problem so the parents can manage the students.
  • Thus this application provides an easy way to establish a communication between the teacher, student, management and the parents. So by the communication they can view each other and can provide actual reports so the parents, the teacher and the management can manage the students and can provide them a best environment for the studies and to establish a good future.

 3.3 Evaluation of the solution and providing feedback and suggestions for the same.

The application meets all the requirements of a school to manage its all students, staff, parents and the management. By using this application the all levels of a school can communicate with each other can provide an easy way to share all the updates and the reports as well as all the examination details and all the progress reports. The application can also have all the feedbacks of the parents regarding their students and regarding the assigned teacher. The application also provides all the details to the management so the management can easily manage all its levels. Thus it’s a best way for the school management to manage its all levels without interrupting anyone individually. This also establishesan individual communication between the student and the teacher so they can short out their problem in an effective way or can make everything easy. This application is the best way to provide all the details related to student without physical presence of the parents.

It saves time of all students, teachers, parents and the management. It makes everything happen fast.

List of the improvements which can be done in application are as follows:

  • One new feature such as the notification should be like alarm so the parents or the management, the students and the management can have a reminder related to the events, exams and about any program.
  • There must be one more feature gallery which can have the pictures of the events or any program which was held in school.
  • There must be one more feature in case of any problem the students can directly communicate with the management.
  • The feature such as students view must be there where students can share their views related to the college.

3.4 Creation of usual manual or documentation for the solution.

  • The user of the desktop application can be the students of the school, the staff of the school, the parents of the students and the management of the school.
  • These all user will have their unique id and password to login and to view all the details. When the student logs in to use the application he/she can access following features:
  • The student can place request for the enrollment.
  • He/she after enrollment can have notification related to the notification.
  • The students can access the details of the teacher related to specific subjects.
  • The students can also receive notification of the specific teacher related to the assignment and also can have notification related to the examination schedule and related to the daily timetable.
  • The students can also view the updates given by the management.
  • In case of problem can communicate with the teacher.
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  • The students can also have their progress reports.
  • When the parents log in they can view the following details:
  • The parents can view their child’s all details
  • They can view the child’s progress reports, examination schedule and also can view the time table and all the attendance and other details of the student.
  • The parents can also communicate with the teacher and the management in case of any problem.
  • When the teachers log in they can view the following details:
  • The teachers can view all the students related to the subject.
  • They can give assignments to the students.
  • They can also give them their exam schedule, can make them aware of their syllabus, and can communicate with the students personally. They can also view all the details of the students.
  • They can communicate with the parents also.
  • When the management or the admin logs in they can view the following details:
  • The management can view all the details of each and every level.
  • The management can add or remove students, teachers.
  • The managements can communicate with all the levels of the application.
  • The management can do updates and can provide notification to the entire user.

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3.5 Creation of technical document for the maintenance and support of the system.

The desktop application is created by using the following software:

  • The Netbeans IDE 7.0
  • JDK 1.8
  • OS Linux.
  1. The maintenance of the application requires the update in following features:
  2. The software company may launch a new version of the Netbeans and can add extra functionality to the software. In this case the application needs update according to the software so it can be real time application without any error and bugs.
  3. There may be a new version of the JDK. And this can also have some changed feature. So in this case all the functions and the entireprogram need to be associated with the new version of the software.
  4. There may be need to add extra functionality or the admin may need to change the existing functionality, so the complete application will be updated according to the requirements.
  5. The application comes under java and the java is platform independent language so if the user needs to execute the application on another platform then the user can easily run that on another platform.
  6. The update may take place to update the application according to the software and on the basis of requirement.
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This application has been made to understand the basic concepts and features of java programming and desktop applications. It illustrated the fundamentals of inheritance, classes and objects, Bytecode, JVM and so on. It helped me enhancing my java programming skills.The student management system has been made according to the requirements specified in the case study.

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