Sample Project Management Assignment

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It is important to evaluate a project in order to get a systematic as well as objective assessment of the project. The focus of the assignment is to determine the importance and the achievement level of the project. The assignment deals with the evaluation of the project management tools. The UML tools used in the project are discussed in the assignment. The screenshot of the application is provided. Technology used in the project and activities involved in the particular project is also described in the assignment.

Project management tools

Express project management software

In the project, express project management software has been used for evaluation of the project. The software tools automatically schedule the required task makes the level of resources by utilizing the dependencies as well as constraints for balancing the demands. The Gantt chart as well as the baseline for the visualization of the workflow of the project are achieved by using the software tools. In addition, it helps to assign and create level of resources though the schedule of customized work and the calendars.

Woodward (2004) said that there are several features of express project management software. It helps to evaluate the project. It makes schedule of the tasks, assign work and the resource level. It also enhances the automatic task scheduling as well. It makes collaboration by sharing the information of Gantt chart and details of the resource. Weakness of the tools is not having a clear vision. The direction in which the business application has been gone is not clear.

Maven link

Desmond (2014) stated that this software tool has been used in the project to develop cloud based solution for managing the whole project lifecycle. It helps to manage the entire transaction of the customers and shopping goods. This tool helps the project to handle with strength, flexible as well as easy for setting up and use the project. The software also helps to monitor the financial performance of the project. The software is the combination of resource planning and the team collaboration. The software tools empower the business of the cart to understand the productivity as well as strategic actions in order to improve the profitability of the project. (Refer to Appendix)

The software has some bugs. Sometime it generates errors. When a user tries to run the project, some problems like resorting with previous version is occurred. Read more about : Computer Programming Assignment


Frame (2014) commented that clarizan software tools are used in the project for evaluation. The main purpose of using the tools is to make collaborative work that will suit for the project at enterprise level. The professional services of the project become more powerful by using the project management tools. It also helps the project to be flexible as well as intuitive. Clarizan has been used in the project to build secure as well as scalable platform. It configures the workflow of automation and allows everybody to the project. Everybody can track the tasks, make communication, and have participation based on the terms. The software makes connection of the workforce and eliminates silos as well as bring new visibility levels. See more about PHP Assignment Help

Although there are several advantages of using the software, there are many drawbacks of using the software as well. If there are less number of people will do the project, cost will be high for them. In addition, it lags some latest features that other tools provide in the modern market.

UML tools


In this project, UmLet tools have been used. It is a free and open source tools and has simple user interface. Merkel (2010) said that with the help of the tool, UML diagrams have been drawn and a sequence has been developed. In addition, activity diagrams are developed from the plain text. With the help of UmLet, elements are added in the project with a simple double click and it edits the elements by using the lower right text panel. In addition, it helps to select the several elements by using Ctrl key.

There are several disadvantages of using the tool like text cannot be copied from the comment when the tool is implemented in the system.


In the project, Creately has been used to make diagram and collaboration. This UML tool supports various types of modeling languages. It helps to draw business diagram and strategy maps. With the help of this UML tool, flowcharts for the project have been drawn. The tool consists with big library that has predefined tables as well as shapes.  The tool is also compatible with the iPods for the people working in offline.

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Cutting and Legeard (2006) commented that this tool has been used in the project for supporting UML and the BPMN diagrams. It is generally used in order to create the URL diagrams and the floor plans as well. The users in the process of real time share the gliffy diagrams. SaaS is also supported in the current browsers and it includes popular browsers like Google chrome. Gliffy has several features like drag and drop the interface and making online collaboration in real time as well. PDF, SVG etcetera formats are supported by this UML tool.

Screenshot of the application

Sample Project Management Assignment, PHP Assignment Help, Programming Assignment Help, Programming Assignments Help, Technical Assignment help

Sample Project Management Assignment, PHP Assignment Help, Programming Assignment Help, Programming Assignments Help, Technical Assignment helpTechnology used in the project

In the duke bookstore project JavaScript code has been used with HTML. It enables the users to buy the books in the cart. The application is based on e-commerce platform and the shipment as well as details of payment can be achieved. Read more about Web Design Using PHP

Activities involved

Task Mode Task Name Duration Start Finish


Assignment for the project 15 days 1/6/2016 15/6/2016
Manually scheduled Assessment of Required skills 5 days 16/6/2016 20/6/2016
Auto scheduled Assessment of available skills 5 days 21/6/2016 26/6/2016
Manually scheduled Project planning 6 days 27/6/2016 2/7/2016
Manually scheduled Project implementations 15 days 3/7/2016 18/7/2016
Manually scheduled Check final report 2 days 19/7/2016 21/7/2016

 Table 1: Activity Schedule

Project Schedule

Sample Project Management Assignment, PHP Assignment Help, Programming Assignment Help, Programming Assignments Help, Technical Assignment helpFigure 1: Gantt chart


The project focuses with purchasing books from cart and makes payment. Evaluation of the project has been achieved in the assignment by using the project management tools and the UML tools. In addition, technologies required in the project have been described in the project. Project schedule and activities involved in the project will reflect the required time and make comparison with the time that has been taken for completion of the project.

Reference list

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