SQL Assignment help

Full form of SQL is structured query language; this is standard user interactive and programing language and getting information from updating database. SQL is using both standard language an ANSI and an ISO, most of the database products support SQL. From this we use queries like update, select, insert and so on.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard and special-purpose programming language which is basically used to design and managing data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS). The main scope of SQL contains data insertion, updation, query and deletion and modification. SQL is also described as declarative language, it also includes procedural functions.

The basic SQL queries that we use this products are given below:

* select
* create
* delete
* update
* insert
* alter

Characteristics of SQL:

  • For producing, creating and manipulating databases SQL used standard computer language such as ANSI and ISO
  • From SQL user can create, update, delete, and retrieve any data
  • SQL is simple, effective and easy to learn.
  • SQL also works with database programs like DB2, Oracle,MS Access, Sybase, MYSQL Server etc.

SQL using some operators are:

  • SQL using operator ‘=’ (Equal to) for example Author = ‘Alcott’
  • SQL using operator ‘<>’ Not equal to (many DBMSs accept !=in addition to <>) for example Dept <> ‘Sales’
  • SQL using operator ‘>’ Greater than for example Hire_Date > ‘2012-01-31’
  • SQL using operator ‘<’ Less than for example Bonus < 50000.00
  • SQL using operator ‘LIKE’ Match a character pattern for example First_Name LIKE‘Will%’
  • SQL using operator ‘IN’ Equal to one of multiple possible values for example DeptCode IN(101, 103, 209)
  • SQL using operator ‘ISor IS NOT’ Compare to null (missing data) for example Address IS NOT NULL
  • SQL using operator ‘ISNOT DISTINCTFROM’ Is equal to value or both are nulls (missing data) for example Debt IS NOT DISTINCT FROM -Receivables